• Imperial Leather Original Bar Soap

No. 1 Original Bar Soap

The art of the perfumer is to create beautiful fragrances which take inspiration from the world around them. As Master Perfumers since 1938, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence and fine craftsmanship to deliver a unique blend of indulgent fragrances.

Each and every Imperial Leather fragrance has been expertly crafted using ingredients that our Master Perfumers have carefully selected and combined at our exclusive Fragrance House.

The process of fragrance perfection takes time. Once found, the final blend is assigned a unique number and this memorable fragrance is then captured in Imperial Leather history forever.

Famed for its classic, luxury fragrance, Imperial Leather Original bar soap wraps you in a rich, creamy lather that's been trusted by generation after generation.

    No. 1 Original available in:

    • 2-pack Bar Soap 

    • 4-pack Bar Soap 

    • 6-pack Bar Soap


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Customer Reviews

    • Classic
      I have been using Imperial Leather Original Bar Soap for as long as I can remember. I was concerned when they stopped production in Australia, but I need not have worried. It is equally good now as it was when manufactured here. It does not upset my sensitive skin at all. It is also budget-priced.
      Helenaw via Beauty Heaven
    • A lovely soap
      A gorgeous soap that cleanses well, smells lovely and lasts for ages too. Great for all the family and really works well after sport and when you are very hot and feeling unclean. You are left feeling very clean and fresh.
      ShopA Everyday via Beauty Heaven
    • An Oldie but a Goodie
      This soap has been around for so long and I am pleased that is still has that same smell that I remember as a child. A cake of this soap is kept in our bathroom, it lathers nicely, does a great job cleaning, does not dry the skin out and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. Great price. Husband loves it and uses it all the time.
      Veronica497 via Beauty Heaven