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Conjured by Master Perfumers

Welcome to a world of mystery, where tradition and science meld.

This is the world of our Master Perfumers. And we’d like to invite you to explore it.

A Legend is Born

The story begins in the 18th century, when a Russian aristocrat challenged a London perfume house to design an unforgettable aroma.

It wasn’t long before this unique scent became Imperial Leather’s signature fragrance, creating an icon that’s still as popular now as it was all those years ago.

This timeless quality is a testament to the skill and traditions of the original Master Perfumers, something their present-day counterparts strive to emulate.


What Makes a Master?

Decades of meticulous training and study are needed to lay claim to the title of Master Perfumer.

Aspirants must learn the fine art of fragrance mixing and become experts at predicting future trends before they’re able to successfully transform raw ingredients into evocative fragrances.

Of course, the true masters will exhibit a sixth sense, something impossible to find in any textbook.


The Home of Excellence

We’re proud to boast one of the only dedicated fragrance houses in the world.

Here, in this exclusive setting, our Master Perfumers marry age-old traditions with cutting-edge technology, creating an atmosphere of continual experimentation: a literal playground for the senses.

And these fragrances are exclusive to Imperial Leather.

We ensure that each and every one of our fragrances is as unique as the mind that crafted it.


Creating a Fragrance

From their initial inspiration to the final bottling, our Master Perfumers are involved at every step of the way.