• Forbidden Fruit Blackberry Blossom +  Wild Fig Bodywash

No. 33 Forbidden Fruit Blackberry Blossom + Wild Fig Bodywash

The art of the perfumer is to create beautiful fragrances which take inspiration from the world around them. As Master Perfumers since 1938, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence and fine craftsmanship to deliver a unique blend of indulgent fragrances.

Each and every Imperial Leather fragrance has been expertly crafted using ingredients that our Master Perfumers have carefully selected and combined at our exclusive Fragrance House.

The process of fragrance perfection takes time. Once found, the final blend is assigned a unique number and this memorable fragrance is then captured in Imperial Leather history forever.

A rich blended fragrance of ruby red fruits, dark fig, black orchid and patchouli, expertly combined with a dash of musk and warm amber scents.

    Product Features: 

  • Triple moisturisers 

  • Rich, creamy lather 

  • Soap free 

  • Skin friendly pH 

  • Dermatologically tested 

  • No. 33 Forbidden Fruit is available in:

  • 250ml Bodywash 

  • 1L Bodywash


Customer Reviews

    • Oh my, this is fabulous!
      I'm madly in love with the entire range of body washes from Imperial Leather, and this is the only one I hadn't tried. I'd been holding off buying it only because my supermarket only stocks it in the giant 1 litre bottle, and as I had ALL of the others already, I simply couldn't fit it in my shower! Of course they had me with the purple - a pearlescent royal berry, and the fragrance is a magical blend of dark fig, red fruits, black orchid, patchouli, musk and amber. Believe me it's as divine as it sounds - I swear it makes my mouth water just sniffing it. Showering with this gem is such a pleasure - the lather is creamy and moisturising, and the scent is so skillfully tempered that it doesn't overwhelm the senses, just envelops me in a cloud of comfort and sensuality.
      katshepsutt via Beauty Heaven
    • It smells fabulous but not overpowering
      Katshepsutt has been recommending Imperial Leather body washes and I decided it's time to try it! I chose Forbidden Fruit as I'm intrigued with the scent. It's a mixture of everything and not too overpowering. I'm surprised that it's very moisturising yet it doesn't make my skin squeaky clean which I hate. The packaging is really nice too! I'll definitely repurchase another IL body wash as it's very affordable and highly recommended
      Smiling Fili... via Beauty Heaven